Newsletter archive

Issue #25

We have a new trailer and a release date.

Issue #24

Getting closer …

Issue #23

Lookin' for beta testers.

Issue #22

Westcoasting from Day of the Devs to PlayStation Experience.

Issue #21


Issue #20

We're on Greenlight and have a new trailer.

Issue #19

A round-up of the preview press coverage for Future Unfolding.

Issue #18

We're ticking off our to-do list, one task at the time.

Issue #17

A quick update on upcoming events in Hamburg and Brighton.

Issue #16

We redesign our map system and get a fancy new team photo.

Issue #15

A MAZE. Berlin is around the corner.

Issue #14

We're back from San Francisco and we brought you a nice jetlag.

Issue #13

We've ported our game engine to PS4 and are working on more puzzles.

Issue #12

We look at the upcoming events in Spring 2016.

Issue #11

Our year in quotes.

Issue #10

Future Unfolding is coming to PS4.

Issue #9

On the YouTube stage and behind the development scenes.

Issue #8

Autumn is here, casting its beautiful light.

Issue #7

Gamescom was loud, exhausting and pretty great.

Issue #6

Notes from the BitSummit festival in Kyoto, Japan.

Issue #5

A look at our level editor, making our character swim and upcoming events.

Issue #4

A first look at water areas in Future Unfolding, and a recap of the A MAZE. festival.

Issue #3

Some work-in-progress sketches and images, and our presentation from GDC Europe.

Issue #2

Our field report from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Issue #1

How the procedural world generation is done in Future Unfolding.