Look Back, Look Forward

Andreas Zecher Dec 21 2012

"Adventure concept image"

2012 has been busy and all about Spirits for us, but we have something new coming! Here's our squeezed-in-one-paragraph recap.

We run into #1 Spirits player Mads Johansen at Nordic Game Jam and hire him to design a few bonus levels. Spirits becomes a first-class citizen on the Mac with iOS Retina updates as a side-effect. We redesign our press kit, which inspires Vlambeer to make the useful presskit(). GDC as usual followed by a weekend at a friend's retro-futuristic house in the woods. Other activies include disc-golfing, running the Golden Gate Bridge and AcroYoga. Mattias and Andreas attend No More Sweden and make a little 4-player arcade digging game. Spirits comes to Windows, Linux (ported by Tim) and Android (by Apportable) via Humble Bundle and Steam. Kert Gartner produces a beautiful trailer. The box-stacking game Ordnungswissenschaft co-designed by Marek is shown at the Hammer Museum in LA, Spirits at f/ in Stockholm and hóPlay in Bilbao. We finally start working on the Adventure game idea we had back in January. The image above is very early work-in-progress, but we're excited to work on a bigger project again.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2013!

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