Our favorite player reviews of Spirits

Andreas Zecher Jan 13 2011

Sometimes, other people are much better at explaining your work then yourself. Here's some of our most favorite reviews of Spirits, written by players on the AppStore. (Partially shortened for brevity.)

“Beautiful visuals, a wonderful sound track, and really innovative puzzles combine to make one of the best puzzle apps available on the iTunes store. Fans of Osmos will find the same atmosphere, and the same type of sensibility that made that game so different.”

“Didn't like the graphics nor the concept at first. But it grew on me. Amazing puzzles. Disorienting at first. Saving spirits? Spirits sacrificing themselves? The beauty of the design becomes apparent as you go on. Challenging. Then it becomes kind of fun saving the little spirits. Hard to put down, as with all great puzzle games. 5 stars.”

“A truly innovative game with clever puzzles and so many beautiful details.”

“Great design and super smooth play, it's great to see the Spirits make it to the iPad! The game has real grace and gets you really hooked on its little intricate world. Highly recommended!”

“It's one of those games where you want to hug your iPad. Very atmospheric, great gameplay, unique graphics!”

“This game is currently my favourite. It has a calm, hypnotic elegance that suggests it was a work of real love.”

“You have to think quickly, but this is no twitching reaction type experience and there's a great feeling of satisfaction seeing your train of spirits make it home. And that's the payoff: while many puzzles rely on the player suddenly "making a great shot", here you need a great plan. Your reward is seeing it being carried out.”

"Tricky … yet very peaceful. Extremely well done.”

"A really intriguing game different from all the other games.”

We are happy to get so much positive feedback. Thanks to everyone who wrote a review!

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