This is a selection of presentations on Future Unfolding, Spirits, game design, development and marketing we did over the past few years. (We did some more, but not everything is available online.)

The Many Little Pieces That Inspired Future Unfolding
Marek Plichta
Game Developers Session 2016
Prague, Czech Republic

Building A Better Website For Your Game
Andreas Zecher
A MAZE. Festival 2016
Berlin, Germany
Video, Audio, Slides

Tech Toolbox: Shadow Generation
Mattias Ljungström
GDC 2015
San Francisco, USA
Video (starting at 19:55)

Ignore What Everyone Else Is Doing
Andreas Zecher
SUBOTRON/WKW pro games 2014
Vienna, Austria
Audio (starting at 29:00), Slides

The 2014 European Innovative Games Showcase
Andreas Zecher
GDC Europe 2014
Cologne, Germany
Video (starting at 27:51)

New Interactions in Games
Marek Plichta, Andreas Zecher
Resonate 2013
Belgrade, Serbia

Creating Art and Game Mechanics Together
Mattias Ljungström, Marek Plichta
GDC Europe 2011
Cologne, Germany